Lily's Autism Story


Had a normal pregnancy. Gave birth a week before my due date, no complications. As she was getting older that’s when I started to notice some delays! She was having a hard time sitting up on her own and crawling! I have a 13 year old son so I was familiar with milestones. I voiced my concern but her father made me feel like I was over reacting and she’s fine she will learn at her own pace. I took the test her pediatrician gave us, they went over it and had absolutely no concern, and told me some kids are just a little behind on learning, and she will do it when she’s ready. We started to get home visits from this local company that help with any kind of state assistance and weekly play groups.

As she came by weekly and played and got to know our daughter, I mentioned to her my concerns, she suggested when I was ready she would request a referral to “ birth to three “. So a few weeks later I asked her to put the referral in, it wouldn’t hurt . So fast forward to March 2019. They came out to the home , it was about 5 ladies. They all watched and worked with her on different things. When they were finished evaluating her they had said they she does qualify for services. They set up dates and times of when they would start.

Then a few weeks goes by and they bring up the word autism.

They said they just have to rule that out to see what’s causing the development delays. So I agreed. It ended up being a 3 part test, they came out, evaluated, said that day that there was a few “red flags“ for autism, that they would come back and see if her therapy has helped. They came by a month a half later to see how much she progressed. She had a little, but still showed signs of autism. Fast forward to July, her big and final test for autism... I was at work that day. About two hours after her test I saw one of her main therapists calling my phone. As soon as I saw that my heart drop to the floor. I was terrified to hear those words! As I picked up the phone she asked me if I had a few minutes to talk, we talked and she said what I feared the most.

She was diagnosed with autism.


I started balling my eyes out! Cried all night long at work. I couldn’t function at work, all I thought about was her diagnosis. I couldn’t concentrate on anything. For a few days after all I thought was NO! They’re so wrong! She’s just delayed and needs some extra help. She doesn’t have it, they’re crazy! They just want more services for her to get more money out of the insurance company! Then I thought, what did I do? How did this happen? What should have I done differently? Why my child? Then days went on, and I started stressing over her future. I was terrified that she would get bullied and made fun of cause she’s different. That she would have no friends and feel alone. That teachers would be really mean and have no patience with her. My mind was going crazy and I was just stressing myself way too much!

Then finally just about a month later I started accepting her diagnosis and found other ASD mommy’s on Instagram and Facebook, just reaching out and talking with them. Her therapist gave me a book to read also. So fast forward to now, I’m ok with it. It doesn’t define who she is, she’s still a fun loving child who loves music and animals. She’s my blessing and I couldn’t feel more lucky to have her. God gave me her for a reason.

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