Cyborg Johnny


I am Johnny

I was diagnosed with autism when I was 6 years old. I got expelled from several elementary schools for running away, being disruptive, and fighting because the big loud schools were to overwhelming for me. When I was 14 my mother found an autism spectrum academy non public school that was much smaller and better for me and I did much better. The school was owned and run by an autism mom who was special education teacher also. Only 14 students at the school. 


They taught me lots of social skills and how to communicate and interact. My academic level was always very high above average so they focused on my social functioning and communication development and within a year they helped me get a job at aquarium shop (my special interest) when I was 15 1/2 years old and I worked at their for 11 years. They also helped me reintegrate into my public high school (in special education class) for my last year of high school which I graduated one semester early.

I love to read and learn about history, science, especially dinosaurs, evolution, and cosmology.

I like to exercise and get stronger and walk my dog. I work full time at Trader Joe's and love my job. The harbor Regional center (developmental services center) helped me get my interview and employment. I live with my mom and grandparents and dog. I have an amazing girlfriend, named Catalina, who is also autistic like me and loves reading about dinosaurs and learning too.