I'm Autistic


I'm Autistic,

which means I may have "social issues" along the way that might seem very weird from other people's perspective. I'm aware that people stare at me, judge me, and even criticize me for being myself out in public if I ever stim or have another meltdown.

Being Autistic wasn't part of my life plans but I'm just simply born into it.


What I mean by this is sometimes in life we don't get to decide who we are because you can be born into what your meant to be or just deny "Yourself". I haven't had the courage to accept who I truly am for many years because people around me in the past made it seem like what "I am" was a bad thing. Those past years were horrible because I put more effort into pretending to be "Normal" then actually enjoying my childhood...I recall many accounts where I would try very hard to fit in with the other kids by hiding my stimming or burnouts.

Now that I look back it felt like I was "Alone" because despite me being with other kids and having my family..I was enduring all this alone where I've been excluded from people on many occasions, bullied, and even harassed..I been through all this "Alone". Now that I'm grown I still feel alone because not many people would understand what its like to be a "Ghost" in a world filled with people....I may seem hidden but don't worry my "Autism" stands out ;).


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