Don't Judge a Book By Its Cover


My sons name is Elijah he is autistic ADHD add and has two different types of seizures.


We knew he was autistic at a young age but I fought for years to get someone to actually say it and put it in papers. Elijah is 8 years old has a heart of gold and will put a smile on your face as soon as he starts talkin or he'll want to give you a hug. He don't understand he can't talk to strangers. He don't get stranger danger. He don't understand can't walk in the road he'll get hit. He don't understand he can hurt his brother by pushing him. And when I tell others they say well teach him. It's not lack of tryin to teach him cause I work with him everyday on things he does not understand fully. We have been thru so much. He can have a meltdown at anytime. He is like a switch. We have went out serval times where he would have a meltdown and we have got so many looks and comments.

It hurts me down deep to see how people judge us and say hateful things.

Elijah don't understand if someone says something mean. He just thinks it's funny cause he don't understand meanness. So when I hear it it hurts even more. He is such a sweet boy. I was always told never judge a book by its cover and that's what a lot of people do. They judge how he is acting. He is as big a 12 year old but mind of a 4-5 year old. I can't whoop the autism out of him. I just have to let him ride out the meltdown. I have tried so many different things to help him calm down when he has one but with him getting so big( he is about eye level to me I'm 5'2) it's getting harder to help. He gets very aggressive with them as well. We've tried soooo many different medicines.

But when people walk by and stare with their judging eyes you cant help but want to cry even more because not only do you have people fast to comment rude things or giving you nasty looks but you hurt because you have to watch your baby have a meltdown because they are hurting, overwhelmed, confused, excited but have anxiety and there is absolutely nothing you can do to help but sit in the floor and hold your baby. I wish more people knew about autism and was more understanding.

Channelle Bertges1 Comment