Jordan's Journey


My 10 yr old son Jordan was diagnosed with moderate Autism at 8 yrs old.

We started noticing things when he was a baby. He loved to spin wheels and in circles, ALL THE TIME..  He started talking at age 3. He drooled until he was 7. But was a bundle of joy & a miracle baby. In kindergarten is when we started noticing behavioral issues. Such as hurting other children and not caring. It scared me to death. Me and my husband immediately took action and sent him to the psychologist. There they decided that putting him on a non-stimulant medication, was best. He was also very destructive and disturbed his classmates on a daily. I literally cried for 2 months. Until I noticed that is behavior and grades started improving tremendously. That year we decided another year in kindergaten was best.

However though home life was a different story. He wouldn't use certain towels and would throw Tantrums and we didn't know why. We got approved for intensive in-home therapy meaning a therapist was at our home for 2 hours after school for a year and a half. That was ALOT! I would personally call in sick so they wouldn't show up that day. WE ALL NEEDED A BREAK!! I thought it was way too much on a 7 year old child, going to school all day then two hours of therapy. When in fact it was not helping. His behavior did not get any better nothing changed.

I started doing research for myself and all signs pointed to AUTISM.

I told a psychologist and he told me no. I told his therapist they told me no. And this went on for months!! At this point I was practically in tears and felt like the worst mom in the whole world. I just didn't know what to do for my son anymore. We finally stopped intensive and home and didn't have therapy for a year and a half, because they couldn't find someone or just gave up on us. After a year-and-a-half a therapist call me and set up an appointment. I sat in her office and looked straight into her eyes and burst into tears.

I said "Look this is what we have gone through and nothing is helping and no one is listening. We are at our wits end. So if you are not going to listen to me then I'm going to get up and walk out of this office right now." She asked me what my concerns were and I told her. She said "Oh I am actually an Autism specialist." I could have kissed her.

6 weeks later, he was improving. She was doing autism therapy with him only as much as our insurance would a lot without having a diagnosis. She then told me that she would quit her job if he was not autistic. She then referred us to TEEACH. This is a top Institution for autism and they're testing is one of the best. After a year on the waitlist we finally got in, after 2 days and 8 hours a testing and about 15 people involved they gave us the diagnosis.

Me and my husband honestly thought he was going to be diagnosed with high functioning but he was diagnosed with moderate functioning.

OK!!!! We felt like we were on top of the world. And ohhhh how things were gonna change for the better! His Therapist got a promotion and left without a min notice or a referral. Just up and left.. Welp, nope nothing changed and we we're more confused then ever. Okay he has a diagnosis? Now what the heck do we do from here! Since then we have had two therapists, one was a male mentor and I had to let him go. He didn't show up on time wasn't doing much of anything and it was absolutely ridiculous! He had a father he did not need a male mentor. His behaviors and Tantrums we're getting worse. He was being bullied at school and on the bus, he was in 3 EC classes, tutoring and a small Counseling Group. The meltdowns and the Tantrums kept coming but they were getting worse.

Some nights we would be up until 3am. We were at the school three times a week. I didn't know what to do anymore. Me and my husband's hands were tied. After a whole year of all this garbage, the counselor told us the last 6 weeks of school, They had a therapist on the school grounds.

My thoughts? "Are you got to be f---ing kidding me!!"

So now he has a new therapist and she does work with autistic kids but she is not specialize in autism. He has been suspended from school and the bus. We have had to pick him numerous times due to meltdowns.

One staff member said "His behavior is a refelction of y'alls parenting." Another said "You need to have him committed for a mental evaluation."  "HE HAS AUTISM!!!"

After all that crap, he told a Teacher he wanted to commit suicide. Ohhhhhhhhh NOW THEY ARE LISTENING? Now we actually get help?  He still sees a psychiatrist but only once every two months for about 5 minutes. We try to explain that he still has meltdowns ect and all she says his "Wow he getting better, I see so much improvement." HUH?? YOU WHAT? She doesn't specialize in autism either. Needless to say the school systems are NOT educated.

Me and my husband will continue to fight and advac for Jordan. Why? Because we love him. He is so sweet and loving.

Jordan loves to play guitar, and sing. He loand sing. He loves to draw and do puzzles. He adores animals and has a leopard gecko named Henry and a goldfish named Penelope. Jordan loves tall laundry baskets where he can get in with his stuff amimals & blankets and rock for hours. His stuff animals are very real to him. They all have names and he speaks to them and loves and kisses them and tucks them into bed. Jordan loves to snuggle with me, his daddy and his Grama.

We just want Jordan to have a fare chance at school and education.

We believe schools should be more educated and realize my son is not bad he is Autistic. Jordan is very smart and intelligent and our goal is to have him homeschooled within the next 2 yrs. So, this is our story and I will for sure share more stories about Jordan. About his cute tics and Tic attacks, sensory issues and Aniexty, and the things that come out of his mouth that have made us want to run & hide. But all we can do is laugh.. if you are a parent with an autistic child you must have a sense of humor!"

-- Amy