Kathy's Story

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Typically when one thinks of getting a hair cut, stress and anxiety is probably the furthest thing on your mind. When living on the spectrum sometimes things that come easy to others, aren't as east for other. Whether it be fear of scissors, inability to sit still, or struggling with the process of a hair cut due to sensory issues, the struggle is real. Getting hair cuts is a common struggle among those on the spectrum.

In this heart warming story, Jonathan who is on the spectrum struggles with hair cuts.

It's never been an easy task, and at times would feel like a nightmare. But all of that changed when Kathy and her son went to the local barber shop and met Denny, the proud owner for over 40 years. After just a few visits Jonathan was very comfortable. Jonathan has limited communication skills, but that doesn't stop him from expressing himself or limit his keen sense of good in people. Not mentioned in the news clipping below, is how Denny is a recently is a survivor arterial bypass operation after surviving from severe injuries from a car accident, yet continues to cut Jonathan's hair- without issues. His time and compassion has done more than he'll probably give himself credit for. I love uplifting stories like these.