Ever's Story


My daughter is almost 5.  She loves being outside. Her favorite color is blue. She loves nursery rhymes. She hates bees, flies, lizards and things that buzz around your head. She only eats pancakes, chicken nuggets, cheeseburgers, grilled cheese, chips and hummus. She says the damndest things but doesn’t realize she is funny so yells at us for laughing.


She wears rain boots daily. She hates washing and brushing her hair, but loves playing in the pool and in the rain. She picks 3 books to read every night. She can memorize songs after hearing them one time. She is the tallest kid in her class. She LOVES roller coasters. When she is excited, upset, over stimulated, tired, happy she sways back and forth and spins her hands. Her favorite movie changes each month, but when she likes something, it’s all we do. She likes unicorns, whales, horses and “only wants one black kitty”.
She is the strong willed, headstrong, opinionated and brave. 


Life isn’t perfect, she isn’t perfect, I’m not perfect.  She is my best friend and she makes me whole. She is Autistic."

-- Through the Eyes and Ears of Ever