Teresa's Story


I’ve had the pleasure to work with children in the ASD spectrum for over five years now in Colombia.

Here are a few things I’ve learned throughout my experience and the benefits of working with these wonderful children. What most people think of as Autism is not really one condition. Two children show very different symptoms and require different accommodations/ activities within the general classroom. Students with ASDs learn best when there are no changes or surprises in their every day routines. Even small, out of nowhere changes can have a big impact on their ability to learn. From this, you can start identifying their needs and what activities work best for them. 

In Colombia’s school curriculum we ensure educational inclusion. In order to do this correctly, it is our job to teach other students (who aren’t in the ASD spectrum) to respect & care for students who are in the classroom with this condition.

We must get them to understand, respect and love them.

I think one of the key elements of being a good ASD teacher is to have patience, love and understanding for these very unique children that can become so much more with the right amount of love, care and self belief. It is our responsibility to help every student reach his or her academic potential!"

--Teresa, Colombia