Lei's Story


D is a very amazing boy. His mother is our daughter 26yr old, but sadly expresses that by yelling and screaming and belting him sending him to his room when he's not doing as she wants ect.

She has tried to kill him way before he we was 3 and told he had autism.

This is why my hubby and myself think he wasn’t born with it. She used to hold pillows over his face at 2 weeks old and throw him across the room onto the bed. He has had an rotten life with his parents, who thought being stoned or drunk was the first thing that mattered. We had at one point taken them to court. We took over and we have been the primary carers, even though he lives with his mother more now that prep has started. She's embarresed by his behavior. His parents split up a few times, drugs and fighting. D was not looked after at all.

At this point in time were in the middle of family court to stop his father from seeing him after 3 years of sexual abuse. 

We're so proud of him, as he has had such a life you would never wish on the worst person in the world. With everything with us, he hates going to his mothers. But on the other hand, loves her and still wants to go but not for too long. We hated it when he started school as that ment more time with his mother and new boyfriend.

In all of his life which was with us, it's so sad and were doing the best we can.

D does not have meltdowns with us, but he plays up so much for his mother and we believe he has them with her daily. He has also born with clubbed feet not too bad, but parents never really looked after them. He's now suffering with for this. He cant jump nor run to far walk for too long. His parents love the attention when medical people are around, fake tears. A lot of it is sad, when hes had to been under a general anesthesia and crying on.

Waking as he hates bandaids his mother would smack him and the staff sister told her, "He's just coming around. He's just upset.", mother would say, "Well he knows its gotta stay on his hand, so he can just get over it."  

Ok, thats his short story, you can see now why we love him even more than as much. We have been fighting all his life with our daughter and his father since he was 45 mins old, after he was born. From the moment a beautiful baby boy came into this world he has suffered at the hands of our daughter and his father.