Autistic Masking


Never hold your breath for one second if it means trying hard to fit into someone else's world.

It’s not fair that Autistic's have to act like someone else completely diffrent. Being "Different" is what makes us more unique in our own way that we're trying to get Neurotypicals to understand.

If Neurotypicals can see the beauty we see in each other then maybe we can actually make things "Crystal Clear" for those Autistic's that want acceptance.


Acceptance is something we strive for because some Autistic's have been hiding for months or even years about their own personal medical issues like anixety, depression, and Autism as well.

Hiding our other half is like asking us to completely "Give Up" on how we look at oursleves in the mirror knowing will always remain Autistic forever.

Many Autistic's have their own outlook on "Living Life with Autism" but most should keep in mind just because the world has information and data about us doesn't mean they know you personally.

The best version of you should be the person who doesn't hide behind a "Mask"...