Family Vacation


The past week was spent relaxing and enjoying the beach with family. Olive continued to be comfortable in water, both pool and ocean. She's able to use both hands while swimming now, whereas just prior to the beach she would hold her nose. She can safely navigate back and forth through the pool, with use of the wall. And will swim to an adult in a short distance underwater. I can honestly say I did not think I would see the day Olive being without fear, and safely in water. Of course she has much more work to do before being deemed a safe swimmer. She's in the beginning stages, and becoming more comfortable. Getting out of the water is still distressing to her. Getting in is no problem. She's now fine in entering the bath, shower (Yes, she takes showers not without fear!), pool, and ocean. Getting out is a whole different story. Things like becoming sandy on contact, putting sand covered toes into sandals, the feeling of taking off or putting on a wet swimsuit, and getting dressed when hair or skin is still damp will put her over the edge.

All these things still have the ability to send her into a very vocal and loud distress due to sensory issues. During most of the trip Olive was adventurous, and brave. Although she was on the edge of a emotional break down every time she saw a bug. She didn't let it stop her from getting to the ocean. She was interested, engaged, and involved the whole trip, which is more than I could asked for.


Unfortunately, us being away from home did come with obvious discomforts for her. She pretty much stopped eating, which really surprised me. There was a point not too long ago, the only food she would eat consisted of peanut butter and chicken nuggets. And would only take a couple bites before refusing to eat anymore. This was where a lot of her stomach and constipation stemmed from. I tried everything, she wouldn't even eat her favorite- Mcdonald's. Within the third day, she became easily bothered and would cry easily. She became defiant, and angry. Then would go back to having the time of her life, like it never happened. Her stomach issues caused her a lot of tears, but by the end of the trip she was feeling much better.

This trip definitely has gotten easier every year. 

And after much anticipation, Olive finally lost her first tooth. She had spent the past ten days or so wiggling her tooth about. She didn't cry or freak out. She just excitedly yelled for me to come see her tooth. I apparently wasn't fast enough, so she came zooming down the stairs with tooth in hand. Up until this point she had spent the day tucked away in her bed, still trying to recover from a bad flu we caught at the end of our vacation. Olive still has summer school during the week, and will be returning once she starts feeling better. She's so excited to show everyone how she lost her first tooth.